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Sharing your Faith


Turning the conversation into a spiritual one

1) Do you have a church…

2) How is your relationship….

3)  On a scale of 1-10…

Key questions

1) Are you at a point that if you died tonight, could you say for certain that you would go to heaven?

2)  Are you at a point that if you did die tonight and God were to ask you ‘why should I let you into my heaven,’ what would you say?  



1) God wants you to be certain.  In fact, the Bible says…

2) May I share with you…  


G race (Ephesians 2: 8, 9)

1)  Definition –

       2)  If you stop and think about it…

M an (Romans 3: 23)

1)    All have sinned… 


2)     All have sinned big time…

Remember who God is…

G od is…

1)     God is holy (Leviticus 19:2)

2)    God is just – (Romans 6:23)

3)    God is love – (I John 4:8; John 3:16)


Baffling Contradiction

1)      How can God be holy, demanding all to be holy like he is? 

2)     How can God punish sin?

3)     How can God love all at the same time? 

J esus

            Who he is

                        He is God (John 1: 1-3)


                        He is man (I Timothy 2:5)


            What he did? 

Holy for us (Hebrews 4: 15; II Corinthians 5: 21)


Punished for us (John 19: 30)


                        Arose from the dead (Romans 4:25)


How does this become ours? 

F aith  (John 3: 16)

            What do you do with something that is true?  You believe it.  


               If there were a million dollars in the bank…


If God asked me the question why he should let me into heaven, I would say ….

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