Vacation Bible School

Road Trip Route 3:16
In Road Trip: Route 3:16, the students will pretend to travel by car to five interesting destinations in the United States.
From God's Word they will learn that:
• People sin and deserve punishment, but God sent Jesus to suffer and die in our place and forgive our sins.
• Jesus, God's Son, has the power to do anything.
• Jesus wants us to love him more than anyone or anything.
• Jesus tells us to love and serve others and share his Word with them.
• Heaven is our home through Jesus alone.
Day 1: The Grand Canyon - The Grand Canyon reminds us of the huge gap sin causes between sinners and God.  Jesus closed the gap by forgiving our sins through his life, death, and resurrection.
Day 2: The St. Louis Gateway Arch - The Arch is impressive, and we are impressed with many things people can do. But Jesus can do anything!
Day 3: Walt Disney World - Favorite vacation spots, riches, and other joys of life on earth should never come before our love for the Savior.
Day 4: The Statue of Liberty - The Statue of Liberty reminds people of the kindness and freedom found in America. God's Word reminds us to show kindness to others and to tell them of the freedom they have through Jesus.
Day 5: The Rocky Mountains - Nature is full of beautiful sights, but the greatest sights are still ahead. Jesus will return in glory to take us to heaven!
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