What is a Lutheran?

Posted by nancy on September 14, 2016

What is a Lutheran?

In the South the two major denominations are Baptist and Methodist.  Lutherans fall down the list after the Presbyterians and Catholics and others.  There are places in this country where the Lutherans and the Catholics are the two major denominations.  A man once visited the church where I was a pastor.  He said he was looking.  The only two denominations he had not tried were Lutherans and Jehovah Witnesses.  To cross out Lutherans from his bucket list he worshipped with us.  He stopped by; he then studied; he stayed. 

Why?  For the reasons Martin Luther tried to reform the church of the 16th century!  The doctrines of grace alone, faith alone and Scripture alone had been lost.  That’s what the Reformation was about when Lutheran nailed the 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany on October 31, 1517. 

Lutherans are all about 1) grace alone – God’s undeserved love given freely in Jesus Christ whose substitutionary life and death forgave our sins; 2) Faith alone – by simply believing what Jesus did is true and certain we receive the benefits of being not guilty because of our Substitute; 3) Scripture alone – where God recorded and promised all of these blessings to be true.  That’s the Christian message.  It’s the Lutheran message.  We invite you to hear it!  Come see us!


Pastor Larry Zahn 



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