Posted by nancy on March 28, 2017

A Week to be Always Remembered


“I have but one passion; it is He, He only.” Nicolaus Zinzendorf, a German religious reformer, spoke those words in the middle 1700’s.  He was referring to the passion he had for Jesus.  But his passion for Jesus was born out of Jesus’ passion for him and all humanity.   

People refer to Jesus’ “passion” as that final period of his life covering his final visit to Jerusalem leading to his crucifixion on Mount Calvary. The passion of Christ is central to the salvation of humanity.  The word “passion” comes from the Latin “passionem” which means suffering or enduring.  Through his passion we are reconciled to God, something we all need to know so desperately.

Jesus did indeed suffer and endure so much to save us.  In fact, we can’t even understand all that he endured.  The words, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me” (Luke 23:36) come to mind?  Jesus cried out these words when he knew that the Heavenly Father turned away from him so Jesus could suffer the full wrath of the world’s sins.  Who can understand that?  Whenever I have preached about that, I must say that I grope for words to express the “passionem” that Jesus suffered.

Jesus’ passion was focused not on a select few, but on a world that you are part of.  Anyone who reads this needs to know that.  In fact, if someone doesn’t read this, the same is true.  Set aside the week that will always be remembered.  I invite you to join us:

            April 9th       Palm Sunday    10:30 am                                                   

            April 13th    Maundy Thursday  7:30 pm

            April 14th     Good Friday            7:30 pm

            April 16th     Sunrise Worship      7:30 am

                                 Easter Worship      10:30 am



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