An Easter Phenomenon

Posted by nancy on March 21, 2013

An Easter Phenomenon


Never has one event meant so much to so many. That one event is Easter, and the “many” are Christian believers. The physical resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead is what sparked the Christian faith. If there had been no resurrection, the few remaining followers of Jesus would have gone back to their prior professions—most of them were fishermen.


Oh, it had been a wild ride while it lasted, watching Jesus preach to people who were amazed by his insights, sharing the joy with people whom Jesus healed from dreaded maladies, listening to Jesus describe what the kingdom of heaven was like and how they were a part of it. But all of that would have been for naught. Jesus, who claimed to be the very Son of God, had promised he would rise from the dead in three days, just as Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and nights.


But where was he? Those hours, which turned into days after his death and burial, must have created a disappointment in the disciples like none other.


But then it happened. At first it was just rumors—“The tomb is empty.” “We have seen him with our own eyes.” By Easter Sunday evening, Jesus had shown himself alive to almost all who had come to love him and believe in him, and they and the world have never been the same since. Gospels and Epistles have been written about him. Men and women have died for believing in him. And a significant percentage of the world’s population will wake up again this Easter morning, travel by foot or car to their regular place of worship, and praise him with enthusiastic “alleluias” and “amens.” It is difficult to believe that death could be defeated. It is almost too spectacular to think that our own dead bodies will come back to life and be glorified just as Jesus’ body was. But we have every reason to be confident of both. Jesus, who said he would rise from the dead, is the same Jesus who said he will raise us from the dead as well. That’s the Easter phenomenon! 


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